About Me

I am a permanent researcher in high-performance computing (HPC) at the Inria Nancy but in the CAMUS team located near Strasbourg. I got my PhD from HiePACS team at the Inria Bordeaux, under the supervision of Olivier Coulaud (Inria) and Guillaume Sylvand (Airbus).
You can find the pdf of my thesis here, and the slides here.

My research interests are centered around HPC, optimizations, complex algorithms, accelerators, software engineering for HPC, scientific computing, runtime systems, scheduling, and tools for automatic vectorization/parallelization (compilation).
I have contributed to the development of various HPC libraries, and especially advanced parallelization strategies for the Fast Multipole Method (FMM) that are included in ScalFMM.

I worked on a BEM solver for the wave equation in the time domain (not public), and in my previous postdoc at the RZG/MPCDF at the Max Planck Institute near Munich, I developed a bio-physic code for protein simulation (using REMC) and a turbulence simulation application.

I also worked on Inastemp a vectorization library, Specx a task-based runtime system with speculative execution capability and many other things….

Feel free to contact me () and check out my résumé here.
(Orcid 0000-0003-0281-9709)