[Internship] 2 Master degree internships about FMM parallelization and balancing

You can find the jobs here in French : http://people.bordeaux.inria.fr/coulaud/JobOffers/FMMdistributedruntime.pdf http://people.bordeaux.inria.fr/coulaud/JobOffers/Distributiondesdata.pdf But French is not requiered, So if you feel the descriptions look interesting do not hesitate to contact me, (Please be aware that we prefer European student for Visa purpose – getting a Visa for people from outside Europe just for an internship is ...

[Stage] 2 stages pour 2015 (niveau M2 bac+5) Parallelization et étude de l’équilibrage

Nous avons deux stages dans l’équipe en liens avec la FMM. Vous pouvez trouver les descriptions ici: http://people.bordeaux.inria.fr/coulaud/JobOffers/FMMdistributedruntime.pdf http://people.bordeaux.inria.fr/coulaud/JobOffers/Distributiondesdata.pdf Merci de candidater rapidement. Le debut du stage doit avoir lieux entre janvier et avril 2015.

[C++][OpenMP] Thread affinity manual (set CPU affinity by hand)

I was developing a OpenMP code which is using nested parallelism. And I realized that I have some problem of thread affinity (even if my number of threads was lower or equal my number of cores) so I looked to how to set thread affinity.

[CUDA][MPI][CMAKE] Compiling .cu with Mpi, Gcc and Cmake

I was working on a project where MPI and OpenMP were used and where everything about compilation was done. And I had to include some Cuda code to this.

[C] Double Linked list in C programming with iterator (OpenSource LGPL)

It is true that I am the kind of guy that sometime like to create what already exist. But this time it was because I was not completely satisfy by what exists since there is no standard double linked list in C. Enough simple to use it quickly, enough clear to modify it, etc. So ...

[Stage] Construction et partage d’un arbre en parallélisation hybride (2014)

[Stage] Construction et partage d’un arbre en parallélisation hybride (2014)
Nous proposons un stage d’ingénieur/master 2. Plus d’infos dans ce post.

[C++][SSE] Operators for __m128d and __m128

With Gcc there is the support of operators for SSE types. But not with intel compiler (as far as I know). And this can be very useful.

[C++][MPI] Create custom data type in mpi

Using MPI_Type_create_struct and MPI_Type_commit here is a small example to create a type based on a struct.

[C] Mumps matrix inversion factorization example

From sparse values we inverse the matrix and put it into a file.

HPC Software Engineer position for MS freshly graduate (1 year)

We are opening a position for a software engineer in the HPC. This is a 1 year contract, the salary is about 2000€ net, the lab is in Bordeaux, a nice city! in a great working environment. But!! You must have got you MS degree this year 2013 or since less than one year (this ...